Textile-fixed Peroxidases – Biocatalytic Synthesis of Flavoring Agents


The economical use of often high-prized enzymes in chemical synthesis can be improved by the immobilization of the catalyst on a suitable carrier. Particularly some synthetic or natural textile fiber materials such as polyester, polyamide or viscose are well-suited carrier materials, which are comparatively inexpensive. The flexibility of the textile media allows the use in reactors of any geometry and a fast and residue-free removal after the end of each reaction. Enzymatically catalyzed reactions combine a number of advantages compared to conventional chemical processes. For instance enzymes can be used at moderate temperatures, generally in the pH ranges close to neutral and stay unchanged after the reaction. Therefore, often very small quantities are enough for a sufficiently high implementation rate. Other advantages are their high substrate selectivity, their biodegradability and their mostly safe and easy handling. This ongoing R&D project aims the permanent immobilization of peroxidases on textile carrier materials and their application in the synthesis of natural flavors from bio-based resources such as carotene.


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