Highlights of the research at DTNW

2014:   Development of a textile absorber for the recovery of precious metals (Umsicht Prize).

2013:   World’s first successful immobilization of organocatalysts on solid support materials (publication in Science).

2012:   Polyphosphazenes as novel flame retardants for textiles.

2011:   Development of a textile-based solar dye cell (DSC)

2010:   finishing of textile materials with hydrophobins

2008:   optical light collector (polar bear hair)

2008:   in-situ imaging of conductive polymers on textile substrates

2007:   conception of stab-proof protective vest by finishing with organic-inorganic nanocomposites

2006:   First textile solar cell (CIGS type)

2001:   Immobilization of (bio-) catalysts on textile substrates

2000:   Krefeld ciliate test

1997:   Sol-gel coatings on polymeric materials

1996:   Cyclodextrins on polymeric surfaces. 2nd place of the Otto von Guericke Award 2002 by AIF

1993:   Supercritical CO2 as process medium. Invention of water-free dyeing from supercritical carbon dioxide.

1992:   Enzymes in textile finishing

1989:   Mechanical short-time stressing of synthetic fibers

1987:   UV laser treatment of fiber polymers

1976:   Proof and solution of the effect of oligomers on the finishing properties of polyester fibers

1971:   The introduction of the “effective temperature” for characterizing thermal treatments