Physical-technological textile testing

Physical-technological textile tests such as the abrasion resistance of materials or the tearing properties of materials are important parameters in the quality assessment of textile products. Our extensive, attractive range of analyzes is reliably carried out in our well-equipped laboratories using modern test equipment and according to standardized procedures. We examine all materials for you, from raw materials to ready-made goods.

We support our clients in the following tasks:

  • Review of defined quality specifications for products
  • Quality management / quality control in production
  • Cooperation with private individuals and appraisers in the event of damage to analyze the cause
  • Complaint processing / damage analysis in your company and root cause analysis
  • Preparation of assessments for specific requests

The examined physical-technological parameters include the following parameters:

  • Microscopic examinations (fabric and fiber structure, assessment of mold growth)
  • Abrasion resistance / tendency of materials to pill
  • Maximum tensile strength/maximum tensile elongation
  • Tear strength
  • Standardized washing tests including determination of care treatment and dimensional changes
  • Checking the twist and count of yarns or the weave of fabrics
  • Determination of the electrostatic properties of materials
  • Determination of air permeability

Other parameters can also be implemented after consultation if necessary. Feel free to contact us. Our team is at your disposal and will advise you individually for your questions!

Contact persons:

Peter Spütz, Textile Technology
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Kerstin Dlubis, Laboratory Manager
phone: +49-2151-843-2061
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Dr. Florian Metzelder, Manager
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