Interfacial Phenomena and Processing Technologies

(Working Group Dr. Habil. Larisa Tsarkova)

The research activities of the group are aimed on the development of physical-chemical procedures for the functionalization of polymer materials with the focus on the applications for textiles.

Current trends in textiles industry stimulate further development and fast commercialization of highly functional, advanced fibers and smart textiles for applications ranging from apparel, health care and consumer products to defense, filtration, and charge-storing textiles. The applied research of the group is complemented by fundamental studies related to mechanical properties of functionalized fiber materials, to the role of nano- and micro-structuring in providing targeted properties on a macroscale, as well as to novel fabrication approaches towards responsive and switchable surfaces.

Also, bio-based polymers and composites are among topics of current projects and research activities.

Main areas of research

  • Polymer Physics: bio-based polymers, fiber physics, aging and degradation of fibrous textile materials
  • Volatile surfactants: elaborating methods of analysis and application of volatile amphiphiles (perfumes) at the interfacial processes (e.g. coating, printing, emulsification, spraying)
  • Wetting and transport processes in heterogeneous media: air and liquid filtration, oil-water separation, heterogeneous surfaces
  • Surface modification: Fluor-free / fluor-low content hydrophobic coatings, under water oleophily, photo-induced deposition of functional coatings
  • Sustainable coloration, Digital Print on Textiles


Head of Working Group

Dr. Habil. Larisa Tsarkova
Phone: +49-2151-843-2016

Scientific Staff WG Tsarkova

Christina Schippers,
M. Sc., Ph.D. Student
Phone: +49-2151-843-2027

Mujo Adanalic,
M. Sc., Doktorand
Tel.: +49-2151-843-2054