Colorimetry / Color Fastness

The color of an article as well as the color fastness are always critical parameters that can be important for the quality of an article and can lead to complaints in the event of deviations. We can help you by checking the colorimetry and color fastness under various conditions to ensure the quality of the items and thus effectively prevent complaints in advance.

The possible examined parameters include the following parameters:

  • Colorimetric measurement (e.g. CIE LAB, IR screening, remission values)
  • Color fastness to light and possibility of color fastness to light under artificial weathering
  • Color fastness to different liquids / solvents
  • Fastness to rubbing dry and wet with different liquids
  • Fastness to washing in different washing processes
  • Fastness to ironing
  • Yellowing caused by phenols

Other parameters can also be implemented after consultation if necessary. Feel free to contact us. Our team is at your disposal and will advise you individually for your questions!

Contact persons:

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Kerstin Dlubis, Laboratory Manager
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Dr. Florian Metzelder, Manager
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