Material analysis / Fiber differentiation

Yarns, textile outer materials or accessories such as ribbons or hook and loop fasteners are made from a variety of possible materials or mixtures of materials. Here it is often difficult to understand whether the delivered material also corresponds to the ordered specifications. Here we can help you with the check and carry out different material analyses.

The possible examined parameters include the following parameters:

  • Qualitative material analysis (e.g. using microscopy, solubility, melting point, staining behavior or burning test)
  • Quantitative material analysis according to standardized methods for binary and higher mixtures of materials
  • Collaboration with private individuals and experts in the event of product discrepancies
  • Determination of the effective temperature of polyester to determine the degree of fixation
  • Photographs taken with a scanning electron microscope and element determination using energy-dispersive X-ray analysis

Other parameters can also be implemented after consultation if necessary. Feel free to contact us. Our team is at your disposal and will advise you individually for your questions!

Contact persons:

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Kerstin Dlubis, Laboratory Manager
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Dr. Florian Metzelder, Manager
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