Antibacterial surfaces – silver nanoparticles


Metals as copper and silver act antibacterial. They are able to avoid the growth of bacteria as well as to kill bacteria on various surfaces. Starting from a simple chemical approach silver nanoparticles are formed directly on the surface of textiles. The particle sizes are in the range of maximum 20 nm and the add-on is in the range of less than one gram per square meter. This is sufficient to yield excellent antibacterial activity. Test with different bacteria proved that micro-organisms are effectively killed. The approach used here guarantees furthermore that the silver particles are durably fixed to the textile’s surface – without using any binder! Up to 30 washing cycles do not reduce the antibacterial activity. Actually investigations are carried out to use a comparable process to grow or deposit small silver nanoparticles or nanolayers onto bigger nanoparticles. Such product are not only interesting antibacterial materials but might also help to improve catalytic materials.

Project funded by financial support of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia
contact: Dr. Torsten Textor, Tel.: +49 2151-843-159,