Biomembranen für kontrolliertes Zellwachstum für die Zahnheilkunde

Kooperatives Forschungsprojekt zwischen DTNW gGmbH und NovioSpin B.V. NL

New chemical process of a novel biomaterial for guided tissue regenerative membranes.

Biomembranes for tissue regeneration


One of the societal challenges is the increasing aging population, which generates concerns about oral hygiene and rising demand for cosmetic dentistry are some of the key growth drivers for the global dental implants as well as regenerative solutions, such as GRT membranes. GTR has been introduced into clinical dental practice over 30 years ago, the mechanisms of GTR followed the principles i.e. that under certain conditions, cells that originate from tissues adjacent to an exclusively provided space are able to form their parent tissue. In order to allow exclusive repopulation of cells from desired tissues into that space, preference must be given by preventing access of cells from neighboring undesired tissues using tissue barriers, commonly referred to as membranes.

Current GTR membranes are reported relatively stiff, therefore has the risk of not fully fitting the defect area which requires a stitching procedure after placing the membrane at the surgical site. Therefore, Noviospin is aiming to have a membrane which has the flexibility to fit all kinds of defects and it is adhesive to the wound site. This will improve the efficiency of surgery and also decrease the chance of infection which is normally seen in a not well covered wound.

The stiffness, quick degradation of current product is another issue. Therefore, an optimized degradation is required for our product. Based on previous data, the degradation of silk fibroin is between 3-6 months (in-lined with bone regeneration), more data is required to prove the degradation of our product.

At this moment Noviospin is focusing on GTR membranes which are widely applied in clinic. Important in this is the solution we can offer and how we will compete with other GTR membrane systems. The difficulties which we can estimate is that there are already strong big player on the market while we are a new player who must fight ourselves into this market. In order to further compete with others, one of the urgent request is how to support continuous research, to prove that our product can meet all the unmeet clinical needs.

Fördernummer: ROCKET-H-001
Projektlaufzeit 01.01.2017-31-10.2017